The State of Mind during Heartbreak vs. Being in Love
on Wednesday, March 6 2019
  The State of Mind During Love vs. Heartbreak     The State of Mind during a heartbreak vs. being in love   Romantic love can be referred to as an addiction; a perfectly wonderful addiction when things are going well; the …
Dating Advice
on Friday, October 6 2017
An article on East Coast Match featured on  Take a look!
Healing The Heart
on Saturday, March 25 2017
 "Healing The Heart"         A Self Esteem and Motivational Workshop        Learn to love yourself.  Excel, exceed, evolve.                     &n …
The Rock & Royalty Soiree Results
on Thursday, February 23 2017
  Photos and results of the Rock & Royalty Soiree The Dating Game  The animals of Operation C.A.R.E.   The Dating GameOur Bachelor  The Contestants The Winner of The Bachelor Dating Game   The Dating G …
You Want To Ask Her Out But You Aren't Sure How
on Monday, February 13 2017
        So you want to ask her out?  You aren't sure if she's available let alone interested?    Will she like a guy like me?  Everyone probably asks her out! Why would she date me? Gosh I like her! I a …
What type of man are women attracted to these days?
on Thursday, January 19 2017
What type of man are women attracted to these days? Is it the Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals rugged look? Is it the Tom Brady quarter back appeal that gets them going? Or maybe the Johnny Galecki type from Big Bang Theory?   Well …
Single and ready to fall in love?
on Thursday, January 19 2017
  Single and ready to fall in love?   East Coast Match is currently working with several eligible, successful bachelors who are serious about falling in love.   These particular  bachelors range in ages from 32- 44 and are se …
Rock & Royalty Soiree for The QC's Red Hot, Elite Singles and Dating
on Wednesday, January 18 2017
Join East Coast Match and MJ PromotionZ for their inaugural Rock & Royalty Soiree!   An Event for Charlotte's Elite, Professional Singles and Dating  February 10th, 2017 at The Oak Room in Southend. 8 PM - 2 AM. PUSHH Band will be pe …
Looking for all consuming, can’t live without it kind of Love? Yes!
on Saturday, January 7 2017
Of course you are!  We all are!  If you have not found that kind of love in your life at least once you are missing out on a very important emotional experience. We must all feel it at least once, and hopefully it will last.&n …
Is Love a Choice or is it an Emotion?
on Sunday, November 20 2016
Is Love a Choice or is it an Emotion?   The emotional feeling you get when you are in love is inconsistent.  The choice to love someone is what takes place with pertinent information; and YOU make the decision.  You must and can be c …
Are You in Forever Love?
on Sunday, October 30 2016
  Are you in forever “Mature Love” Or are you in the “First phase of Infatuated Love”? There is a huge difference.  People fall in love and that overwhelming excitement takes over your mind and body.  Your …
Are You Ready For A Relationship?
on Thursday, August 11 2016
Are You Ready For A Relationship?  Let's take a look at the check list!  You may be ready for a relationship if: You are happy being single Happiness comes from within.  If you are not happy alone you will not be happy with a ma …
Top Ten Deal Breakers are they Reasonable?
on Sunday, August 7 2016
Are your “Perfect Match” Deal Breakers Reasonable?         We have heard a multitude of deal breakers and polled a number of single individuals on their top ten deal breakers.  We have compiled a list in the ord …
Be happy in Love
on Thursday, July 28 2016
  Happy People live longer!   Studies have shown this to be true regardless of health or wealth. Make sure your mate is a happy individual and that you are happy together.   “That happy feeling”; the one that ma …
In Step #2 of Is Your “Love Picker” Off?
on Thursday, September 3 2015
Courtesy of Michelle Renée Smith, Executive Matchmaking Solutions, of Charlotte NC  How can you cultivate new friendships and gain confidence for a new happy YOU? You are now meeting people who you feel are good kind individuals.  …
Is your “Love Picker” off?
on Friday, August 14 2015
Executive Matchmaking Solutions Can Help! Follow our Step by Step process to find your match! Why do we continue to pick the wrong people to date? Why are we our worst own matchmakers? There is a part of our subconscious mind that attracts us to t …

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