Video Dating During The Pandemic


The question I was asked today is “Can someone find love during the pandemic via video dating”.

That is a difficult question to answer but the short of it is, yes of course you can, but it is unlikely.

Coronavirus has changed the landscape along with the rules of dating online.  The dating apps have become more popular and have soared to new levels while encouraging people to text and video chat.  All to maintain social distancing.  Many people are using dating apps for recreation during this isolation time.  People are lonely and bored.  This is a very unnatural time for us all; to be so alone.

Along come the video meetings and endless text messages.

The problem with that is text and video meetings do not give you the actual vibe or impression of your new found love interest. You are not able to feel chemistry through a video meeting.  

So you have been texting and video chatting with this new someone for 4 weeks now and you are ready to go for that walk in the park as rules have become less stringent…you are excited and giddy.  Sadly the chemistry is not there and the energy you thought was so ever present between you two, is missing. When you actually meet in person the video and on line chemistry you felt just does not translate into real life.

You thought you had so much in common but if you look back on your conversations they may have been focused more on the new social distancing landscape and the virus than your personal interests and what makes you tick.  

One would also think that a video chat would be authentic and that the person on the other end of the camera actually looks like the image you are talking to.  We have all been fooled by photos but video meetings can be deceiving as well.  So many singles use filters on photos and video calls.  The person you meet in a video chat can suddenly look very different in person.  It can be discouraging and disappointing at least for one of you if not for both.

If your only option is to manage your dating life on your own without a matchmaker then our advice would be to maintain some level of emotional distance during video meetings so that you are not opening yourself up for disappointment.  Do not stop meeting new people on line, just make a special effort to enjoy meeting new people and enjoy your conversations.  Simply enjoy the moment.




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