We work passionately, using our skills acquired from years of experience in the matchmaking industry along with a keen sense of intuition to find you your perfect match.  Our proprietary database is completely confidential, 100% off line and consists of highly attractive, intelligent women.  Our firm recruits the most sought after single women on the east coast.

East Coast Match is a superior Matchmaking Firm.


Our matchmaker’s only look to work with clients they feel confident in representing. We offer a multitude of services customized specifically for the discerning client.  We are your resource to find your perfect match.

  • Exclusive Personalized Matchmaking   We perform a comprehensive executive search based on the client’s parameters, personality and core values.  We meet, screen and qualify every potential match to ensure that it is a quality introduction.  Our seasoned matchmakers hand select each candidate to suit your ideal match.  This search is completely confidential.
  • Image Consulting   A stylist shops with you to find your most flattering looks.  Your confidence immediately surges because you know which styles are best for your body shape, age, lifestyle and personality.  We partner with top Hair stylists and Board certified plastic surgeons to offer discounts on image improvement procedures.  This service is available on a stand-alone basis as well.  Please See Below…
  • Date Coaching / “Master The First Date”   We offer pre-date coaching to prepare you for your “best” first dates.  We also offer incremental coaching after your dates to shine a light on how you are being perceived.  Our clients love to hear how their dates have gone and receive useful feedback on how to progress moving forward.  This has been instrumental to our client’s successes.
  • Life Coaching  Michelle Smith is a certified Professional Coach with accredited hours from the ICF (International Coach Certification).  Clients benefit tremendously from this type of motivational coaching. Additionally Michelle finds herself working with many people who find themselves “single again” with little notice.  These clients often benefit significantly from Life Coaching with Michelle and often find their self esteem and self confidence soaring to new levels.  East Coast Match also offers periodic Life Coaching and Motivational workshops. Individual coaching packages are available.
  • Concierge Service  Our concierge clients have the opportunity to be represented by their Matchmaker to each of their dates.  We will call your date and share with her why we feel confident you are a fantastic match.  We will take care of coordinating schedules, as well as, arrange the reservations for each of your dates.  This allows clients the best opportunity for optimim results on the first meeting.

East Coast Match offers the most comprehensive service on the East Coast.  Our matchmakers are discerning and select clients carefully to ensure success.  It has become more and more difficult to meet your life partner organically.  Choosing a superior matchmaking firm is key to your success in finding your ideal match.  From start to finish, East Coast Match is on your team and will assist you in achieving your most important goal.  Meeting the love of your life.

Image Consultation Services

East Coast Match – fine-tune your image to fit your personal needs.

The Body Shop

  • Attire:  An East Coast Match image consultant will accompany you for a day of shopping to put together your most flattering looks.  Once they have done an evaluation of your closet, they can then strategize the best plan to supplement your existing wardrobe.  Your confidence immediately surges as you learn which styles are best for your body shape, age, lifestyle and personality.  Your image consultant will help you find attire that makes you stand out in a style that is comfortable to you and represents your personality appropriately.  
  • Relationship Readiness: As expert matchmakers we will help you rediscover your happy, inner self. We help you become the best you.  We partner with the best Relationship coaches in the area to assist you in your journey of meeting your life partner. 
  • Mind, Body and Soul:  Our goal is to assist our clients to be comfortable in their mind, their body and their soul.  We want your self esteem to reach a healthy level at which time you will be a great match for your ideal partner. The Image Consultants at East Coast Match literally remain engaged every step of the way, ensuring you achieve your best version of yourself.

Image Consulting

Our image-consulting program has proven to be an extremely helpful service to the client who has not taken the time to keep their wardrobe updated, as well as to the client who wants to return to their more youthful appearance.  After working with our image consulting team you will find that your confidence can soar, your health can improve and your over all image will reach a new level.

If you have not had the time to dedicate to yourself, maintain your overall best image, or your confidence has not been optimal, allow our image consultants to assist you with superior services designed specifically for you.   Our image consultants, stylists and coaches will take your personality into consideration and make recommendations based upon your budget as well as your goals.  Our goal is for you to reach your goal as a happy, fulfilled individual.