Suddenly Single?

Date & Life Coaching


The “Suddenly Single” individual.

Life is full of adjustments.  At times we become single by surprise or without notice.  It can injure your self-esteem and your confidence and It can certainly turn your life upside down.   Whether coming out of a marriage, coming out of a long term relationship, or even the death of a spouse, our reality is often much the same; Life on our own.

You may feel a void if you aren’t with someone, or you may prefer not to go home and be alone. Rejection by someone we love and trusted makes us feel countless emotions.

Michelle Renee Smith is a certified Life Coach and specializes in helping individuals gain self esteem.  She can help newly single people find a new path and learn to appreciate themselves.  “We can help you get the pep back in your step” Says Smith.

If you find yourself to be single by surprise, or if you are just struggling with being single we are here to help.  We can help you find a new you, help you build your self esteem and embrace your new status.

Michelle Renee Smith is committed to the code of ethics of Coaching and may advise you to seek a licensed therapist or counselor in conjunction with her Suddenly Single program.

I like to help people regain, or find, their sense of self worth. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone channel their energy and becoming a thriving happy person.

The single life can be an opportunity to redefine who you are.  You can revisit what it is that you want from your life.  You can now become more connected with who you are.  We show you how to channel your energy and focus on moving forward, onward and upward.