Are You Ready For A Relationship?

Are You Ready For A Relationship? 

Let’s take a look at the check list!  You may be ready for a relationship if:


You are happy being single

Happiness comes from within.  If you are not happy alone you will not be happy with a mate.


 You are prepared to sacrifice and compromise 

You agree that your partner’s happiness is just as important as your own.  You are prepared to do things you do not typically enjoy to make your mate happy.


You do not need someone to complete you

You are a complete individual. You are just looking for someone to compliment your life.


Your Ex is no longer an issue or a factor

Let’s face it we all have a past.  We may even have an ex who is involved with our young, minor children.  We could for that reason have to communicate with that Ex.  But, if your children are adults, your ex should not be a factor.  If you have issues or affairs with your ex, then you are not ready for a relationship.


You are ready to blend your life with someone in every aspect

You can’t do it half way. If you want a mate, let him or her in. If you have children, they must blend.  You have to make it happen.  It is up to the adults to ensure that the blend takes place properly and without issue.




You can over look and won’t sweat the small stuff

No matter how well you get along there will be disagreements from time to time.  You may be annoyed, but ultimately will not allow it to damage or affect your relationship.  One fight cannot be the demise of the relationship.  We have to know how to disagree and to continue to love each other and protect our relationships.  This can be hard to do.


You are free from Drama

Drama is not healthy.  There can be some issues from time to time in the most evolved people’s lives, but it should be rare. It should not be ongoing.
It is stressful to your mate and can prevent your relationship from reaching a higher level. 


You don’t have anything of significance to hide

 Your life can be an open book and you are comfortable being 100% Honest with a potential mate from day #1.


If you feel comfortable with this list then you are likely  in a position to pursue a committed relationship. 

 Make it happen.  Your Soulmate is out there!