Your Soul Language

I hope you find someone who speaks your language So you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your Soul   Author Unknown   Your Soul Language is unique and special to you.  Your life experiences, lessons you have learned, your emotional intellect and the spirit you were born with all contribute to your soul language.  Often, …

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We Are Still Searching For Love

             WE ARE STILL SEARCHING FOR LOVE! Everyone wants to fall in love if they are not taken!  There are a so many quality singles everywhere in search of “The One”.  The current status of our world has made it seem that much more difficult to meet someone special.  The good news is …

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The State of Mind during Heartbreak vs. Being in Love

 The State of Mind During Love vs. Heartbreak The State of Mind during a heartbreak vs. being in love  Romantic love can be referred to as an addiction; a perfectly wonderful addiction when things are going well; the bliss the elation!  The “I can’t do anything without thinking of you” feeling.  That “I can’t eat, I …

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Dating Advice

An article on East Coast Match featured on  Take a look!  

Healing The Heart

 “Healing The Heart”         A Self Esteem and Motivational Workshop        Learn to love yourself.  Excel, exceed, evolve.                             Buy tickets Here Space is Limited.  This is an interactive workshop to help build self esteem, motivate us …

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The Rock & Royalty Soiree Results

  Photos and results of the Rock & Royalty Soiree The Dating Game  The animals of Operation C.A.R.E.   The Dating Game Our Bachelor  The Contestants The Winner of The Bachelor Dating Game   The Dating Game Part 2 The Bachelorette     Her Contestants   The Winner of The Dating Game #2 Our Bachelor …

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You Want To Ask Her Out But You Aren’t Sure How

  So you want to ask her out?  You aren’t sure if she’s available let alone interested?    Will she like a guy like me?  Everyone probably asks her out! Why would she date me? Gosh I like her! I am sure she has a boyfriend.  No….you are NOT sure she has a boyfriend…unless you …

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Single and ready to fall in love?

  Single and ready to fall in love?   East Coast Match is currently working with several eligible, successful bachelors who are serious about falling in love.   These particular  bachelors range in ages from 32- 44 and are serious about finding “The One”!  We work with all age ranges, but are specifically seeking ladies …

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