Are Your Online Dating Photos Authentic?

Have you ever gone on a date with someone you connected with on a dating app?  Have you ever experienced someone not looking like their photos?

This is an ongoing problem singles are dealing with today.  There are people who post accurate representations of what they currently look like, but there are quite a few who “filter” and “Doctor” their photos up to enhance their beauty. These singles are setting themselves up for rejection and heartache.

Herein lies the issue.  You posted a photograph of yourself that does not look like you currently do.  You go to the venue to meet your new love interest.  The person you are meeting may not recognize you at all, or, they become angry and disappointed because you were not your authentic self.

You will start a relationship out with a lack of trust.  Enhancing yourself in a photo that you cannot back up in person will only upset your match.  People appreciate honesty and authenticity.  Don’t you want your new match to like you for who you actually are?  Of course, you do!

Use current photographs that are not touched up and be authentically you! Allow your match to get to know the real you!   

Happy Dating!