What levels of physical touch are acceptable on a first date?

The Expert Matchmakers Have Suggestions!

That feeling; when you want to reach across the table at dinner and touch her arm. If you feel the urge to touch your date then gently reach out and touch his or her arm when talking to each other; maybe when making a point. The electricity will be there and will be present in that very touch if you are feeling it. This does not mean your date feels it too, but if you feel the urge to touch his or her arm or hand it is appropriate to do so briefly.

Helping her up from the table by reaching your hand to hers and helping her out of her chair. That very brief physical touch can evoke a feeling of chemistry.

You may feel a connection simply with a gentle touch of your fingers brushing her shoulders when helping her with her jacket. The chemistry will be apparent if it is there.

A gentle hug that is not too close or too tight at the end of the date is acceptable if you feel a mutual connection. The hug should be brief and light.

More than this basic level of physical contact is not recommended on a first date. If you want you want to explore the match further and you are both respectful of the other’s space then it will behoove you to maintain this composure and take your time in this process.

*During the current social distancing climate you have the perfect opportunity to maintain the distance with respect and ease.

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