Is Love a Choice or is it an Emotion?

Is Love a Choice or is it an Emotion?


The emotional feeling you get when you are in love is inconsistent.  The choice to love someone is what takes place with pertinent information; and YOU make the decision.  You must and can be consistent with your choice to love.  Love is indeed a choice.

What is mature love?  

It is when you choose to love someone in spite of emotions that fluctuate and in spite of circumstances.

“In love” is a temporary emotion that must evolve into mature love.  If you are not emotionally evolved you may have issues learning to truly love with consistency.

In a mature love, with evolved hearts love can survive hard times.  When times get tough and you feel negative emotions toward your loved one you should continue to be considerate of that person’s well being.  Here are several things you choose to do when you really love someone.  Choosing to love means you will choose actions that demonstrate love regardless of the emotion that is felt by you.


  • You commit yourself to the relationship regardless: “A marriage becomes one entity”
  • You respect the one you love
  • You consider your loved one’s needs: “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others”
  • You react and act with your loved one’s best interest:  “Love does no harm”
  • You make a HUGE attempt to understand and accept or in the least case respect their opinion


Can you control your feelings?  

You CAN control how you act, and you CAN control how you feel.  If you put yourself first consistently, your relationship will die like a flower without water.


There will be times that you will need to sacrifice your needs to fulfill your loved one’s needs.  It should never be a contest.  It should be pure, trustworthy, and reliable. 




You should never wonder if your mate is being faithful and honest.  There is no room for dishonesty and selfish behavior in a mature loving relationship. Sure you will disagree from time to time, but you must both be committed to the realtionship and to the love.  Act like you are all in, and you will have a thriving loving future.