Looking for all consuming, can’t live without it kind of Love? Yes!


Of course you are!  We all are!  If you have not found that kind of love in your life at least once you are missing out on a very important emotional experience.

We must all feel it at least once, and hopefully it will last. 

Already found it and lost it?


That’s ok.  It happens.  It can be due to timing, compatibility, maybe geography or circumstances.

Sometimes our circumstances destroy our love.



What is our great news?

YOU CAN FIND LOVE AGAIN!  It is so worth it to fall in love again! 

How can East Coast Match Help?  

We do the work for you!  We have access to thousands of amazing singles in your area.  Our clients do not have the time or desire to attempt “on line” dating.  

Our matchmakers meet your matches in person and verify that it is indeed a great fit!  

Start the New Year out right!  Fall in love!