Is your “Love Picker” off?

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Why do we continue to pick the wrong people to date?

Why are we our worst own matchmakers? There is a part of our subconscious mind that attracts us to the same kind of people over and over again.  The fireworks are there, for you, but it is actually just your inner drama loving self.  This is not uncommon so do not be alarmed, but it definitely needs to be tweaked. 

You meet this great person who is kind, and likes you and wants to be with you; someone who is a great match for you and wants to be in a healthy, committed relationship, and you are bored with it. 

Why?   Because it is not exciting enough for you!  There is no drama in this match. You crave dramatic love and the endorphins that are released when you experience the drama.  You get bored with the nice guy or girl.  You want the one that is hard to get, who will be hard to keep and will likely leave you anyway.  Hence you are alone again, naturally. Right?

How can I change that behavior?

This is an important exercise

Have you ever met someone who just had a sunny personality and exuded warmth and happiness?  Someone who you really “liked”?  Someone who greets you with a sincere smile?  Do the people you have been choosing to date possess that quality?  If you are alone and unable to engage into a healthy committed relationship the answer is likely no!  A really “nice” and “fair” person will not enter into a relationship with you if they do not feel the same way.  

Follow this step by step process to matchmaking success! 

This is step #1:


Notice and seek out people with “inner” beauty!  Do NOT focus on their external beauty.  You are not choosing your lover in this step.

Start socializing with warm people, both male and female.  Enter into platonic relationships with individuals who are kind, warm and pleasant. 

Surround yourself with happy people who speak only fair words, people who do not talk badly about others.  You too should speak only good of others and avoid negative influence.  Your match will show up when you least expect it.

Practice being kind and giving back to others.  Do not enter into negative conversations.  Run like crazy from people who do!

RUN From negative people

Surround yourself with good people who exude inner warmth and kindness.  They are out there. This is an important step in your own inner health but also for your “Love Picker”.  Work on this and focus on it.  Do not say anything that is not kind or fair.  Do not listen to anything that is not kind or fair.  You will like yourself more in this exercise as well.

Stay tuned for Step #2 in the Is Your “Love Picker” off?  Exercise.