In Step #2 of Is Your “Love Picker” Off?

Courtesy of Michelle Renée Smith, Executive Matchmaking Solutions, of Charlotte NC

 How can you cultivate new friendships and gain confidence for a new happy YOU?

You are now meeting people who you feel are good kind individuals.  Invite them to have a cup of coffee, or to a cool wine bar for a glass of wine.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just a nice brief visit.  If you are invited to an event, go the extra mile and bring a treat, or someone’s favorite beverage.  If you make great cookies, make a batch and bring them.  Don’t go overboard but put in a little bit of extra effort.

Treat People With Respect.  

Whether it is someone you are working with or someone who is serving you. Treat all people with respect 


Listen to Understand, NOT just to hear!

Pay attention to what people are saying to you.  Look them in the eye and process what they are conveying to you.                

NO small talk. It puts conversations on autopilot and they don’t amount to anything; Big waste of time.

Do not think about what you are going to say next while someone is talking.  Listen to understand.  You will like yourself better and they most certainly will like you better too.


Be humble.  Make a difference in other’s lives!

Never Ever Brag! 

  Who cares what people brag about right? It is unappealing and is a huge turn off. Let people tell you what is happening in their lives…ask questions.  It is not all about us.  If they want to learn more about us they will ask. Make it about them not you.

Stop Caring about being the best looking or driving the best car.  Just be the best You!  The good people don’t care about that part of your image.  They see into your soul, into your eyes and into your heart.  Just be the best you.

Keep it Real! Walk the walk and talk the talk!  If you catch yourself having a negative thought about someone,                                                        remind yourself not to. Be congnizant of your own spirit.

Reach out to people! Give someone a hug.  Pay a compliment to a stranger.  Really see people and compliment what shines about them.

In these simple steps you are cultivating new relationships and working on your own spirit.  You are not yet looking for your life partner or your perfect match.  In this step you are balancing your own soul and drawing in good kind people.  Your emotional intelligence will grow in this exercise and you will start to seek out good people by default.

Stay tuned for step #3 in Is Your “Love Picker” Off?

By Michelle Renée Smith, Executive Matchmaking Solutions, Charlotte, NC

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