We Are Still Searching For Love


Everyone wants to fall in love if they are not taken!  There are a so many quality singles everywhere in search of “The One”.  The current status of our world has made it seem that much more difficult to meet someone special.  The good news is that love still prevails and matchmakers are still making wonderful matches.


Millions of people are spending their time swiping left or swiping right. They are on dating apps that have not been yielding the love that is sought after.  It is so difficult during more “normal” times to meet that person from a dating app or a dating site let alone now.


The good news is that love still prevails.  We are receiving more calls and applications now than ever before.   Swiping can be exhausting.  At times it results in a long-term text relationship.  Well who wants that?  If you are looking for entertainment; well then it is perfect for you.  If you are searching for the love of your life it is a waste of your time and effort.


Quality matchmakers take the guessing out of the equation.  We are meeting matches for our clients via FaceTime and Zoom on a daily basis.  We still screen matches the way we have screened them before.  It is quite easy for a skilled matchmaker to determine whether an individual has serious and true intentions.  We ask questions that give us tell-tale answers.  On the other hand, the single people who are truly searching for a long-term relationship are willing and open to detailed conversations with us.  


These times of social distancing and isolation will pass, but wanting to fall in love will never stop.  We can help you now just as we could before.  Our matchmakers will connect you with the “right” match.  You will not spend your time texting.  You will meet face to face.  It may be on Skype or Face Time or Zoom right now, but you can build the foundation and see each other in person.  You can read facial expressions, hear their voice and get a really good “feel” for your match.


We are excited to continue making matches at East Coast Match!  We take love seriously!  


Wishing you all the best!


Michelle Renée Smith


East Coast Match