Your Soul Language

I hope you find someone who speaks your language

So you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your Soul


Author Unknown


Your Soul Language is unique and special to you.  Your life experiences, lessons you have learned, your emotional intellect and the spirit you were born with all contribute to your soul language.  Often, we are tempted to spend time with a partner who may not be as evolved as we are; or they may be evolved in a different capacity.

There is nothing more exhausting and draining than being in a romantic relationship with someone who does not “get” you.  Being with Someone who does not speak your soul language is extremely stressful.  Sharing life with a mate who does speak your soul language is a fulfilling and wonderful experience.

Engage with people who share similar convictions.  Opposites so often attract, but “like” sticks.

Do not succumb to the temptation of that prospect who appears so different.  Surround yourself with “like” people.  If you do not trust yourself in identifying a complimentary soul then ask for help. Speak to a coach to determine where you are in your soul journey and who will compliment you.  Seek out a matchmaker to introduce you to singles who are on a similar journey as you are.

Be Transparent; Be Fair; Be Kind…