What type of man are women attracted to these days?

What type of man are women attracted to these days?

Is it the Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals rugged look?

Is it the Tom Brady quarter back appeal that gets them going?

Or maybe the Johnny Galecki type from Big Bang Theory?


Well the jury is in. 

The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Women are attracted to men for many different qualities and vibes. 


Let’s take the Bryce Harper mountain man look.  For ladies in their 20’s and 30’s that type is considered to be quite cool.  When a man gets to his 40’s and 50’s they are expected to be a bit more “groomed” .  Facial hair becomes shorter and more defined.  It is certainly required in the corporate world.




Now for Tom Brady…. well who isn’t attracted to his chiseled face and his amazing physique right?  Wrong.  Some ladies are simply not attracted to that type.  They prefer someone who has a bit more of a studious appeal……


like…..Johnny Galecki of Big Bang Theory.  On the show he is the studious type, to say the least, but he still has an appeal that is super attractive to some ladies.


The bottom line is, that if men have a nice smile, (teeth are super important), a man wears his clothing well and is groomed, he is all good.


 There is indeed someone for everyone and the key is to stay in your lane.  Don’t try to change anyone….some guys don’t really pay too much attention to their wardrobe….it may just not be that important to them…and that’s OK; it isn’t their favorite thing to splurge on…. Soooo  his girl can certainly “tighten” it up a bit, but you just cannot take someone out of their comfort zone entirely and expect them to be happy.

All people are awesome in their own way.  Just smell good, and feel good and you will be all good! Appreciate people for who they are!