You Want To Ask Her Out But You Aren’t Sure How


So you want to ask her out?  You aren’t sure if she’s available let alone interested? 


Will she like a guy like me?  Everyone probably asks her out! Why would she date me? Gosh I like her! I am sure she has a boyfriend.  No….you are NOT sure she has a boyfriend…unless you are really certain and you know for a fact, she could be single and looking for YOU!


Here is what you do!

#1 Run into her somewhere.  If you know her friends, see where they may be mingling and join the group. Note: Only show up in a group setting.

 #2 Talk to her!  Are you afraid to approach her? Don’t be!  She is no different than you.  Go say hello and introduce yourself.  If you already know her say hello and ask her how she has been. 

Is she unpleasant or snotty to you?  Good riddance; not your type.

Is she receptive and friendly?  Great, but here is the tricky part.  She may just be a nice person and be “taken”. She may not be attracted to you in “that” way, but how will you ever know? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You have wanted to date her for a while now!

What Now?  Ask questions!  Ask her what she has been up to. What do you like to do?  What do you spend your off time doing?  Ask questions; Normal questions! Watch her body language.  Does she look you in the eye? Is she maybe leaning in?  Is she smiling?  

Even if she is not leaning in or giving you the body language you seek, continue talking.  Be calm, be happy! What do you have to lose?  Nothing! Not a thing!

She may be thinking the same thing!  Keep the conversation flowing.  You might say something like this:

“I think you are lovely.  I’d love to get to know you better!”  Now wait.  Don’t say anything more and don’t fidget.  Most women like direct men.  You can be polite and direct at the same time.  Do not touch her, or grab her arm.  Just look at her now.  It is her turn to respond.  

Body language can be deceiving.  If she fidgets around it could go either way.  If she looks away she is not interested…what did you lose? Nothing.

Seriously guys you really have no more to lose than a little pride.  Deal with it.  Just because other people are around her does not mean she wants them.  She may be single and wishing she could get to know you better.  

If she appears to have no interest and ends the conversation quickly then be a gentleman and exit left calmly.  You will want to appear to have been distracted by something else…it could be the fruit basket on the counter…she will never know!  Just give the fruit basket the “Oh! THERE is my fruit basket!” look and move on.

But:……If she says “I would like that”, you have a shot.  Don’t get over zealous. You must simply seem self assured and gentle.  You might say something like this: ” How about we meet for dinner?”  Do NOT say “Sometime”….that is not a close that is an open ended maybe, up in the air kind of word.  Just be calm and ask her to “meet” you somewhere for dinner.  She will say sure and then you can move into setting it up.

Do not under any circumstances start a texting relationship with this woman at this time. You must be a gentleman and call her.  

One other thing.  Before you ever go on the FIRST DATE…..find out if she is single. Unmarried, divorced….single.  Not separated not going through a break up.  She must be available both emotionally and legally.  No exceptions.  If someone fails to tell you that they are legally married or separated or still in love, they are lying by ommision and you must run for the hills. 

Happy Dating and Good Luck! Now go out and ask the girl of your dreams for dinner!  If you don’t someone else will!